24 Sep 2020

The Return of the Spin Echo

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A research team from Garching and Vienna discovered a remarkable echo effect - it offers exciting new possibilities for working with quantum information.

16 Sep 2020

Two ERC Starting Grants awarded to MCQST members

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MCQST members, Fabian Grusdt and Dominik Bucher, have won prestigious ERC Starting Grants.

14 Sep 2020

Bavaria takes a Quantum Leap

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120 million euros for the development of quantum sciences and technologies (QST) in Bavaria.

17 Aug 2020

Tatjana Wilk on Germany's quantum push in Science | Business

MCQST in Media | News

In an article for Science|Business, Dr. Tatjana Wilk shares insight on current and future QST research, as well as on Germany's potential in developing quantum technologies.

30 Jul 2020

The next Quantum Leap

News | MCQST in Media

Rudolf Gross on the advantages of quantum computers and Germany's challenges with "deep tech" in Focus magazine.

30 Jul 2020

Martí Perarnau Llobet wins NJP Early Career Award

Scientific Awards

Congratulations to Martí Perarnau Llobet for winning the "NJP Early Career Award".

28 Jul 2020

Science Minister Bernd Sibler visits the Walther Meissner Institute


WMI directors Stefan Filipp and Rudolf Gross welcomed Science Minister Bernd Sibler on the Garching campus for an insight into the current and future research priorities of the institute and its role in the field of quantum technologies.

27 Jul 2020

Munich Takes the Lead in Quantum Science

News | MCQST in Media

Interview with Rudolf Groß in Digitale Welt on the Munich quantum landscape.

21 Jul 2020

Quantum Advantage with Noisy Shallow Circuits

Science News

An international team of researchers proves that imperfect devices can provide a quantum advantage by showing that noisy quantum computers can outperform classical machines.

20 Jul 2020

The world’s lightest mirror

Press | Science News

Physicists at MPQ succeed at engineering an optical mirror made of only a few hundred atoms. It is the lightest one in the world and even imaginable.

10 Jul 2020

Driven topology

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LMU pysicists together with an international team succeeded in realizing a novel genuine time-dependent topological system with ultracold atoms in periodically-driven optical honeycomb lattices.

15 Jun 2020

Playing Pool with Excitons

Press | Science News

The junior theory research group led by Richard Schmidt at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Hamburg and ETH Zurich has successfully completed a work that can explain a successful quantum simulation of certain properties of an ultra-flat semiconductor.

9 Jun 2020

Interview with Professor Immanuel Bloch


Immanuel Bloch talks about taking on the role of managing director at the MPQ and the future of quantum optics.

20 May 2020

Prof. Phan Thành Nam is awarded EMS prize

Scientific Awards

The prize is awarded in recognition of excellent contributions in mathematics.

26 Mar 2020

Summer Student Program 2020 is cancelled


MCQST Summer Program is unfortunately cancelled due to the worldwide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

11 Mar 2020

IQM expands in Germany - Subsidiary in Munich to drive quantum hardware-software co-design


IQM is growing! IQM expands to Germany for quantum hardware-software co-design under the lead of Enrique Solano in Munich

11 Feb 2020

Parametric Instabilities of Interacting Bosons in Periodically Driven 1D Optical Lattices

Science News | News

An international team headed by LMU and MPQ physicists report on observations of collective modes in the early-stage dynamics of ultracold bosons in shaken one-dimensional optical lattices by monitoring the momentum distribution of the cloud.

27 Jan 2020

Setting the pace


Interview with experimental physicists Immanuel Bloch and Harald Weinfurter on the advent of the quantum computer, the impending quantum revolution, and its practical implications, such as secure cryptography and diamond-based magnetometers.

22 Jan 2020

Norbert Schuch wins his second ERC grant


One of the coveted ERC Consolidator Grants is awarded to MCQSt Member, Norbert Schuch, who can now continue his research on complex quantum systems for at least another five years.

21 Jan 2020

On the way to quantum networks


Physicists at LMU, together with colleagues at Saarland University, have successfully demonstrated the transport of an entangled state between an atom and a photon via an optic fiber over a distance of up to 20 km – thus setting a new record.

13 Jan 2020

Divorce in a one-dimensional world

News | Press

Scientists at MPQ have experimentally confirmed a fifty year old prediction about the (in)separability of an electron's spin and electric charge using a specialised quantum simulator.

5 Dec 2019

Lukas Knips wins the Quantum Futur Award

News | Scientific Awards

Lukas Knips is awarded the Quantum futur Award for best PhD thesis.

4 Nov 2019

Making synthetic gauge fields quantum

Press | News

New realistic scheme for quantizing synthetic gauge fields for neutral atoms in optical lattices opens new perspectives for quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories on larger scales.

31 Oct 2019

START Fellows at MCQST: Fabian Grusdt & Jasmin Meinecke

Blog | News

We are excited to introduce our new START Fellows.

24 Oct 2019

The quantum internet is within reach


An international team headed by physicists from TUM has experimentally implemented secure quantum communication in the microwave band in a local quantum network.

10 Oct 2019

Modelling the molecular architecture

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New approach for the simulation of quantum chemistry - a global team of scientists developed the first blueprint for precisely calculating the molecular chemistry using an analogue quantum simulator.

17 Sep 2019

Simulating fundamental interactions with ultracold atoms


An international team of physicists succeeded in engineering key ingredients to simulate a specific lattice gauge theory using ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

5 Sep 2019

First pictures of magnetic polarons taken in Garching


Physicists from MPQ and LMU München succeeded for in photographing the magnetic structure around a mobile charge carrier within a crystal latticeusing a quantum simulator.

4 Sep 2019

OPENQKD: paving the way for secure quantum communication


The LMU Experimental Quantum Physics group led by Prof. Harald Weinfurter is part of a new EU project on secure quantum communication.

3 Sep 2019

EU funding for top-level research


The European Research Council (ERC) has announced that seven of its prestigious ERC Starting Grants will be awarded to scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) this year. The research led by Prof. Michael Knap, Principal Investigator within MCQST, is among the awarded projects.

29 Aug 2019

Bell Prize awarded to quantum computing pioneers

News | Scientific Awards

The Bell Prize recognizes the most significant contributions to the fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

13 Aug 2019

Otto Hahn Medal for excellent junior researchers

News | Scientific Awards

Otto Hahn Medal: Max Planck Society awards Johannes Zeiher as an excellent junior researcher.

2 Aug 2019

New Toolkit for Photonics: Quantum Simulation by Light Radio

Press | News

Physicists from the MPI of Quantum Optics and CSIC developed a new principle for quantum simulators in which quantum bits can exchange light quanta via a waveguide.

1 Aug 2019

Light in the nanoworld

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An international team headed up by Alexander Holleitner and Jonathan Finley, physicists at TUM, has succeeded in placing light sources in atomically thin material layers with an accuracy of just a few nanometers.

26 Jul 2019

Ignacio Cirac receives honorary doctor of the UBA

News | Scientific Awards

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) has awarded an honorary doctorate to Professor Ignacio Cirac in July.

15 Jul 2019

Monika Aidelsburger receives Princess Therese of Bavaria Prize

News | Scientific Awards

Together with other LMU scientists, Prof. Aidelsburger is awarded for outstanding work.

15 Jul 2019

IQM secures €11,5M for Quantum Computing


Quantum Computing startup secures €11,5M in seed funding from international investors.

12 Jul 2019

Which one is the perfect quantum theory?

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For some phenomena in quantum many-body physics several competing theories exist. But which of them describes a quantum phenomenon best?

14 Jun 2019

Immortal quantum particles

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New research shows that so-called quasiparticles can decay and reorganize themselves again and are thus become virtually immortal.

29 May 2019

A Leap into the Continuum

Press | News

Garching physicists develop a new method to carry computations in quantum field theory.

24 May 2019

Direct observation of giant molecules

Press | News

Physicists at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ) achieved to form giant diatomic molecules and optically detect them afterwards by using a high-resolution objective.

7 May 2019

Prof. Ignacio Cirac receives Micius Quantum Prize

News | Scientific Awards

Ignacio Cirac, Director at the MPI of Quantum Optics and head of the Theory Division receives this honor for his work on quantum computing.

22 Oct 2018

A Bridge to the Quantum World

Press | News

Monika Aidelsburger uses a special type of optical lattice to simulate quantum many-body phenomena that are otherwise inaccessible to experimental exploration.

27 Sep 2018

The Huge Potential of the Minuscule

Press | News

The new cluster of Excellence MCQST aims to create the basis for quantum technology 2.0, which will give access to secure modes of communication, innovative information processing systems and highly sensitive detectors.

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