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27 Feb 2024

Unveiling Secrets of Electron-Phonon Interactions

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A new study by an international team provides new insights into electron-phonon interactions occurring within bilayer graphene.

2 Feb 2024

Chemistry Takes an Ultracold Turn

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Researchers create tetratomic supermolecules at a so far unprecedented low-temperature - a scientific breakthrough with implications for research into ultracold chemistry and quantum materials.

5 Jan 2024

GALaQSci: Quantum Physics for Everyone!

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GALaQSci uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to playfully render the quantum world accessible.

24 Nov 2023

Spin-Based Quantum Technology In a 2D Material

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Researchers made a significant milestone by using spin defects as optically active quantum bits (qubits) in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), a well-known 2D material.

24 Oct 2023

A miniature magnetic resonance imager made of diamond

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Quantum sensors make microscale NMR spectroscopy possible

26 Jun 2023

The Path to a Quantum Network

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Erbium atoms in silicon can be used to build quantum networks. Researchers have succeeded in taking an important step in this direction.

15 Jun 2023

Advancing Quantum Simulation of Lattice Gauge Theories with Ultracold Fermions

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A novel approach opens up new avenues for harnessing the capabilities of quantum simulators in the study of lattice gauge theories.

8 Jun 2023

Magnons Prefer a Sense of Rotation Dancing the Waltz

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A team of researchers demonstrated nonreciprocal behavior of magnons in an insulating antiferromagnet, allowing the development of nonreciprocal magnonic devices.

5 Jun 2023

Thouless Pumps: Unveiling the Remarkable Role of Topology in Quantum Systems

Science News | Press Release

A new review article sheds light on future directions for Thouless pumps and opens us new questions.

30 May 2023

A 40-year journey towards understanding the Duffing oscillator

Press Release | Science News

The longstanding discrepancy between the classical and quantum description of the nonlinear Duffing oscillator finally resolved by studying the quantum dynamics of a model system consisting of a tunable nonlinear superconducting resonator.

24 May 2023

Quantum Simulation: Chiral Spin Liquids and Non-Abelian Anyons

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New study suggests pathway toward investigating chiral spin liquids.

4 May 2023

Mimicking Quantum Chemistry: Analogue quantum simulation of pseudomolecules

Press Release | Science News

Theorists develop a simplified experimental concept that could enable the first quantum simulations of chemistry.

19 Apr 2023

High-Temperature Superconductors Boost Next-Generation Quantum Technologies

Science News | Press Release

A team led by Dmitri Efetov demonstrate quantum detectors based on high-temperature (high-TC) superconductors.

29 Mar 2023

Nanophysics: The Right Twist

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Stacked layers of ultrathin semiconductor materials feature phenomena that can be exploited for novel applications. A team led by LMU physicist Alexander Högele has studied effects that emerge by giving two layers a slight twist.

22 Feb 2023

A quantum switch for the world’s lightest mirror

Science News | Press Release

Physicists at MPQ have developed an optical mirror with a novel feature: a quantum switch consisting of a single atom.

15 Feb 2023

Matchmaking atoms into a new molecular Fermi gas

Press Release | Science News

Researchers create a degenerate Fermi gas of molecules by leveraging a quantum phase transition for the first time.

3 Feb 2023

Microwaves direct the interplay of waltzing molecules

Science News | Press Release

The existence of so-called super molecules has long been predicted theoretically. Now, Max Planck researchers managed for the first time to create the conditions for proving these exotic entities.

19 Jan 2023

Quantum simulator enables first microscopic observation of charge carriers pairing

Science News | Press Release

Researchers have monitored how, for the first time, holes (positive charge carriers) combined to form pairs in a solid-state model.

22 Dec 2022

NISQ-Computer: Quantum entanglement can be a double-edged sword

Science News | Press Release

Theorists at MPQ have investigated the effects of error propagation on the quality of computations of classical optimisation problems on NISQ computers in a recent work.

12 Dec 2022

Lifting the Invisibility Cloak - Characterising the Absorption of Light in Quantum Emitters

Science News | Press Release

Researchers demonstrated that the minute light absorption of atomic defects in a 2D material can be made visible using a tailored optical resonator (cavity).

7 Dec 2022

Quantum Sensing meets Lab-on-a-Chip

Science News | Press Release

Researchers demonstrate that solid-state quantum sensors can be interfaced with microfluidics without compromising either technology, thus enabling novel capabilities within lab-on-a-chip devices.

31 Oct 2022

New Hardware for Quantum Networking

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Researchers demonstrated that individual atoms in a thin crystalline slab can be resolved and individually controlled using light of a precisely adjusted color. This will enable the exchange of quantum information between them in order to create extended quantum networks.

5 Sept 2022

New Fur for the Quantum Cat

Science News | Press Release

New Fur for the Quantum Cat: Entanglement of many atoms in a quantum material discovered for the first time

30 Aug 2022

Entangled Photons Tailor-Made

Science News | Press Release

Physicists at MPQ have managed to entangle more than a dozen photons efficiently and in a defined way; thus creating a basis for a new type of quantum computer.

4 Aug 2022

Nearly 17 Million Euros Funding for Quantum Lighthouse Projects

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Bavaria as a top location for quantum computing and quantum technologies.

4 Aug 2022

A Roadmap for the Future of Quantum Simulation

Science News | Press Release

Leading researchers in quantum science have published a perspective article on the future of quantum simulation, a special form of quantum computing, in the current issue of Nature.

28 Jul 2022

Quantum Cryptography: Hacking Futile

Press Release | Science News

An international team led by Harald Weinfurter has successfully implemented an advanced form of quantum cryptography for the first time. Encryption is more secure against hacking attempts.

28 Jul 2022

A Nanokelvin Microwave Freezer for Molecules

Press Release | Science News

Researchers at MPQ have developed a new method to cool gases of polar molecules to near absolute zero. This paves the way for studying quantum effects of exotic forms of matter.

11 Jul 2022

Record Entanglement of Quantum Memories

Press Release | Science News

Researchers have entangled two quantum memories over a 33-kilometer-long fiber optic connection – a record and an important step toward the quantum internet.

2 Jun 2022

Topological phase detected in spin chains

Press Release | Science News

In a special arrangement of atomic spins, Max Planck physicists have measured the properties of the so-called Haldane phase in an experiment. To do so, they used a quantum mechanical trick.

18 May 2022

Quantum Magnets in Motion

Press Release | Science News

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in observing a new transport phenomenon in spin chains under the microscope - with surprising results: the movement in the quantum world resembles certain phenomena known from everyday life like the shape of coffee stains on a tablecloth.

13 May 2022

When quantum particles fly like bees

Press Release | Science News

A quantum system consisting of only 51 charged atoms can assume more than two quadrillion different states. Calculating the system's behavior is a piece of cake for a quantum simulator. Researchers from TUM have now shown how these systems can be described using equations from the 18th century.

13 May 2022

More efficiency for optical quantum gates

Press Release | Science News

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics succeeded in massively improving the performance of a component that is crucial to optical quantum systems.

25 Mar 2022

Fit for quantum: Around one million euros for teaching in quantum technology

News | Press Release

The universities in Augsburg, Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Munich, Regensburg, and Würzburg will each receive 144,000 euros for their physics departments from the Hightech Agenda Bayern funds – State Minister of Science Blume: "Bavaria is a top location internationally for quantum technologies."

4 Mar 2022

Waves on circular paths

Press Release | Science News

Magnetic excitations for information transfer without heat loss

27 Jan 2022

Foundation of the Munich Quantum Valley e.V.

News | Press Release

In the presence of Bavaria’s Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder, the Bavarian Science Minister Bernd Sibler and the Director General of the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Dr. Sabine Jarothe, the founding document was signed at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities today by the presidents of the partner universities and scientific organizations.

10 Jan 2022

Successful Quantum Teleportation at Microwave Frequencies

Press Release | Science News

A team headed by physicists from the Walther-Meißner-Institute has experimentally implemented quantum teleportation based on propagating microwave signals between distant locations, while preserving the fragile quantum nature of teleported states.

7 Jan 2022

New materials for quantum technologies

Press Release | Science News

Solids with special symmetries for quantum and spintronics applications

16 Dec 2021

A Cold Pair of Mirrors Made Stable

Press Release | Science News

A team of scientists from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and attocube systems AG have engineered a Fabry-Pérot cavity at cryogenic temperatures under closed-cycle cooling conditions. The results have been published in PRX Quantum.

2 Dec 2021

Twisting elusive quantum particles

Press Release | Science News

Quantum processor provides insights into exotic states of matter

12 Nov 2021

Immanuel Bloch Receives the Bavarian Maximilian Order

Press Release | Science News

Minister-President Markus Söder awards MCQST Speaker Immanuel Bloch the "Bavarian Nobel Prize"

4 Nov 2021

A New Way to Fabricate Borophene Opens up Many Possibilities

Press Release | Science News

Researchers at TUM and UniBw M have developed a novel method to synthesize borophene using a molecular precursor – the first time a one-atom-thick mono-elemental material other than graphene has been created by an easily scalable approach.

13 Oct 2021

Novel quantum effect discovered in naturally occurring graphene

Press Release | Science News

International research team led by University of Göttingen finds atomically-thin carbon generates its own magnetic field

1 Oct 2021

Quantum Physics for Everyone: Silke Stähler-Schöpf and Berit Körbitzer in Interview

Press Release | Science News

Silke Stähler-Schöpf and Berit Körbitzer share why they believe education on quantum science and technology is for everyone

1 Oct 2021

When soap bubbles turn to soup

Press Release | Science News

With the help of high-resolution microscopy, scientists at MPQ successfully observed the transformation of a metal of magnetic polarons into a normal Fermi liquid.

26 Jul 2021

Elegant quantum teleportation with only one single photon

Science News | Press Release

Scientists at MPQ succeed for the first time in teleporting quantum information encoded in an atomic qubit to a laboratory 60 meters away using just one single photon as a resource.

11 Jun 2021

QUANTisch for beginners

Press Release | News

QUANTA sets out to develop new ways and means to make the basic principles, opportunities, and uses of quantum technology accessible to a wider audience.

25 May 2021

Revealing Einstein’s “spooky action” without destroying it

Science News | Press Release

Physicists at MPQ and MCQST have developed a novel photonic instrument to non-destructively reveal the entanglement of two distant atomic qubits.

29 Mar 2021

Tracking for quantum post

Press Release | Science News

A detector detects photons transporting qubits without destroying the quantum information.

11 Jan 2021

Munich Quantum Valley – a leap forward for quantum science and technology

Press Release | News

Bavaria's leading scientists and universities kick off a new research initiative to promote quantum science and develop new quantum technologies.

5 Nov 2020

A Modem for the Quantum Internet

Press Release | Science News

Physicists at MPQ have developed an efficient modem for the future quantum internet.

24 Sept 2020

The Return of the Spin Echo

Press Release | News

A research team from Garching and Vienna discovered a remarkable echo effect - it offers exciting new possibilities for working with quantum information.

14 Sept 2020

Bavaria takes a Quantum Leap

Press Release | News

120 million euros for the development of quantum sciences and technologies (QST) in Bavaria.

28 Jul 2020

Science Minister Bernd Sibler visits the Walther Meissner Institute

Press Release | News

WMI directors Stefan Filipp and Rudolf Gross welcomed Science Minister Bernd Sibler on the Garching campus for an insight into the current and future research priorities of the institute and its role in the field of quantum technologies.

21 Jul 2020

Quantum Advantage with Noisy Shallow Circuits

Science News | Press Release

An international team of researchers proves that imperfect devices can provide a quantum advantage by showing that noisy quantum computers can outperform classical machines.

20 Jul 2020

The world’s lightest mirror

Press Release | Science News

Physicists at MPQ succeed at engineering an optical mirror made of only a few hundred atoms. It is the lightest one in the world and even imaginable.

10 Jul 2020

Driven topology

Science News | Press Release

LMU pysicists together with an international team succeeded in realizing a novel genuine time-dependent topological system with ultracold atoms in periodically-driven optical honeycomb lattices.

15 Jun 2020

Playing Pool with Excitons

Press Release | Science News

The junior theory research group led by Richard Schmidt at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Hamburg and ETH Zurich has successfully completed a work that can explain a successful quantum simulation of certain properties of an ultra-flat semiconductor.

11 Feb 2020

Parametric Instabilities of Interacting Bosons in Periodically Driven 1D Optical Lattices

Press Release | Science News

An international team headed by LMU and MPQ physicists report on observations of collective modes in the early-stage dynamics of ultracold bosons in shaken one-dimensional optical lattices by monitoring the momentum distribution of the cloud.

21 Jan 2020

On the way to quantum networks

Press Release | Science News

Physicists at LMU, together with colleagues at Saarland University, have successfully demonstrated the transport of an entangled state between an atom and a photon via an optic fiber over a distance of up to 20 km – thus setting a new record.

13 Jan 2020

Divorce in a one-dimensional world

Press Release | Science News

Scientists at MPQ have experimentally confirmed a fifty year old prediction about the (in)separability of an electron's spin and electric charge using a specialised quantum simulator.

4 Nov 2019

Making Synthetic Gauge Fields Quantum

Science News | Press Release

New realistic scheme for quantizing synthetic gauge fields for neutral atoms in optical lattices opens new perspectives for quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories on larger scales.

24 Oct 2019

The Quantum Internet is Within Reach

Science News | Press Release

An international team headed by physicists from TUM has experimentally implemented secure quantum communication in the microwave band in a local quantum network.

10 Oct 2019

Modelling the Molecular Architecture

Science News | Press Release

New approach for the simulation of quantum chemistry - a global team of scientists developed the first blueprint for precisely calculating the molecular chemistry using an analogue quantum simulator.

17 Sept 2019

Simulating Fundamental Interactions with Ultracold Atoms

Science News | Press Release

An international team of physicists succeeded in engineering key ingredients to simulate a specific lattice gauge theory using ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

5 Sept 2019

First pictures of magnetic polarons taken in Garching

Science News | Press Release

Physicists from MPQ and LMU München succeeded for in photographing the magnetic structure around a mobile charge carrier within a crystal latticeusing a quantum simulator.

2 Aug 2019

New Toolkit for Photonics: Quantum Simulation by Light Radio

Press Release | Science News

Physicists from MPQ and CSIC developed a new principle for quantum simulators, in which quantum bits can exchange light quanta via a waveguide.

1 Aug 2019

Light in the Nanoworld

Science News | Press Release

An international team, headed by MCQST members, has succeeded in placing light sources in atomically thin material layers with an accuracy of just a few nanometers.

12 Jul 2019

Which One Is the Perfect Quantum Theory?

Science News | Press Release

For some phenomena in quantum many-body physics several competing theories exist. But which of them describes a quantum phenomenon best?

14 Jun 2019

Immortal Quantum Particles

Science News | Press Release

New research shows that so-called quasiparticles can decay and reorganize themselves again and are thus become virtually immortal.

29 May 2019

A Leap into the Continuum

Science News | Press Release

Garching physicists develop a new method to carry computations in quantum field theory.

24 May 2019

Direct Observation of Giant Molecules

Science News | Press Release

Physicists at the MPQ achieved to form giant diatomic molecules and optically detect them afterwards by using a high-resolution objective.

1 Jan 2019

Cluster of Excellence MCQST: The huge potential of the minuscule

Press Release | News

The new research network aims to create the basis for quantum technology 2.0, which will give access to secure modes of communication, innovative information processing systems and highly sensitive detectors.

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