Exzellent Erklärt Podcast: Quantum Simulation

5 July 2024

Exzellent Erklärt Podcast: Quantum Simulation

„Quantensimulation: Schlüssel zu Hochtemperatur-Supraleitern?“

The behaviour of individual atoms and molecules can be predicted quite well in quantum physics. However, this becomes more challenging when many particles come together and collective effects play an important role. In this area, many questions remain unanswered. Quantum simulation—not on the computer, but in the laboratory—helps to address these questions. For example, researchers aim to understand how high-temperature superconductors work and whether this knowledge could enable superconductors to operate at room temperature one day.

In the 45th episode of the ExzellentErklärt podcast, MCQST researchers, Monika Aidelsburger and Fabian Grusdt, offer insight into the interdisciplinary work within the cluster. MCQST research demonstrates the importance of collaboration among researchers from various fields, inn this case with question posed by theory being implemented in the lab by experimentalists.

“Working with experimental physicists is incredibly enriching for us because we complement each other,” says Fabian Grusdt. “As theorists, one of the best things that can happen is when something you have suggested is realized in the experiment and shown that it actually works.”

Tune in to learn about the latest research on quantum simulation and the motivation driving researchers to strive for new discoveries. “The first signal is always the best, and then it’s all about optimizing and calibrating to ensure the experiment works well. But that first signal is always the best part,” says Monika Aidelsburger.

The podcast is only available in German.

About ExzellentErklärt

The German science podcast on current science topics reflects the research diversity of the Germany’s leading research institutions and Clusters of Excellence: from Antiquities to Quantum Physics. In each episode, listeners can expect insights into the interdisciplinary work of one research network. The researchers of the clusters of excellence, funded by the DFG, talk to podcaster Larissa Vassilian about how they want to find scientifically sound answers to relevant topics of our time – for the society of tomorrow.

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