Amanda Young Featured in The UC Davis Newsletter

29 January 2024

Beyond MCQST: Amanda Young

Amanda Young, who joined MCQST as one of the first Distinguished Postdocs in 2019 in the group of Prof. Simone Warzel at TU Munich, has since moved on to become an assistant professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In her current role, she continues to pursue her research interests, focusing on the classification of quantum phases of matter. Specifically, she employs analytical methods to investigate spectral and dynamical properties of ground states for quantum lattice models.

Having earned her PhD from UC Davis, Amanda was recently featured in the 2023 Mathematics Newsletter. In a reflection on her time at MCQST, she shares insights into the impact of her experience and the aspects she cherished the most during her time in Germany.

Featured in the "Life after Davis" article, page 11.

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