IQM secures €11,5M for Quantum Computing

15 July 2019

IQM Finland was launched by a team of innovators with a vision to drive disruptive advancements in quantum computing.

After receiving a PhD on superconducting quantum circuits in 2017 from the Walther-Meissner-Institute in Munich, Jan Goetz continued his research as a Postdoc in Helsinki at Aalto University. Here, together with three other founders, Jan went on to create the startup IQM Finland – a spinout from Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.

The startup is developing high-speed quantum processors to reduce the error rates currently limiting quantum computers. The team has already pioneered breakthroughs in thermal management and other areas that influence computational speed and information accuracy. The innovations establish IQM as an emerging hardware systems leader in the race to develop a quantum computer for practical applications.

The company also just closed a €11,5M seed round. The funders are Matadero QED,, MIG Fonds, OpenOcean, Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment), and Vito Ventures. Fund executives include global semiconductor experts and entrepreneurs who will help IQM to build infrastructure, recruit talent, and expand collaborations with ecosystem partners. MIG Partner Dr. Axel Thierauf becomes Chairman; Ekaterina Almasque, a Partner with OpenOcean joins the board.

IQM is founded on innovation that’s already taking quantum technology across new frontiers. Thanks to the support of Aalto and VTT, we moved fast to drive advancements at the system level to make quantum technology viable, practical and cost effective.” - Dr. Jan Goetz, Co-founder & CEO, IQM.

Read the entire press release here.

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