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29 Jan 2024

Amanda Young Featured in The UC Davis Newsletter

MCQST in Media | News | Munich Quantum Alumni

MCQST alumna, Amanda Young, has been featured in the UC Davis Mathematics Newsletter.

21 Nov 2023

Vibrating Nanostrings

MCQST in Media | News

MCQST member and RU-E co-coordinator, Eva Weig discusses her work on developing new micrometer quantum systems in a new article in Research in Bavaria.

4 Oct 2023

“Quantum computers will lead to previously unknown applications”

MCQST in Media | News

Barbara Kraus, head of the Chair of Quantum Algorithms and Applications at TUM and MCQST member, is featured in the "NewIn" series.

10 Mar 2023

Quantum meets Engineering

MCQST in Media | News

Rudolf Gross and Fabian Kronowetter of WMI contribute with articles on Quantum Sensing and Quantum Radar to the Rohde & Schwarz journal "Neues".

1 Sept 2022

Precise Disorder

MCQST in Media | News

Dmitri Efetov's research on graphene featured in EINSICHTEN - The material graphene and a magic angle: physics with a new twist.

12 Aug 2022

Exciting Times in Quantum Technologies

MCQST in Media | News

Prof. Immanuel Bloch and Dr. Thomas Renner discuss the cooperation of industry and science, which lasers and photonic solutions for quantum technology applications are currently in demand, and what developments we can expect to see in the future.

7 Jul 2022

Dmitri Efetov: Quantum Physics and Graphene

MCQST in Media | News

MCQST Member Dmitri Efetov discusses his research on graphene in a new article in Research in Bavaria. The remarkable material graphene is a material made of carbon atoms in a one-atom-thick layer, which can exhibit exciting properties such as superconductivity

29 Jul 2021

Supporting Independence in Quantum Research

MCQST in Media | News

Discover the unique experiences of three of our excellent START fellows, as they share on their cutting-edge work in quantum science and technology, on the START Fellowship program, as well as their path to independence in an article published on Research in Bavaria webpage.

1 Feb 2021

A Bridge to the Quantum World

MCQST in Media

Featured on the Research in Bavaria website: Monika Aidelsburger shares input on her exciting research and benefits of working in MCQST.

15 Dec 2020

Looking into the unknown

News | MCQST in Media

Unlocking the unsolved mysteries of physics and chemistry by using quantum simulators - interview with Monika Aidelsburger and Immanuel Bloch in Chip magazine.

5 Nov 2020

The dream of unlimited possibilities

News | MCQST in Media

Featured in Süddeutsche Zeitung: Prof. Rudolf Gross and Prof. Stefan Filipp on strengthening Munich's position at the forefront of the global race to develop quantum computers.

17 Aug 2020

Tatjana Wilk on Germany's quantum push in Science | Business

MCQST in Media | News

In an article for Science|Business, Dr. Tatjana Wilk shares insight on current and future QST research, as well as on Germany's potential in developing quantum technologies.

30 Jul 2020

The next Quantum Leap

News | MCQST in Media

Rudolf Gross on the advantages of quantum computers and Germany's challenges with "deep tech" in Focus magazine.

27 Jul 2020

Munich Takes the Lead in Quantum Science

News | MCQST in Media

Interview with Rudolf Groß in Digitale Welt on the Munich quantum landscape.

27 Jan 2020

Setting the pace

MCQST in Media | News

Interview with experimental physicists Immanuel Bloch and Harald Weinfurter on the advent of the quantum computer, the impending quantum revolution, and its practical implications, such as secure cryptography and diamond-based magnetometers.


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