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9 June -

 14 June 2024

Cal-Bay Quantum School 2024

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The school focuses on fostering collaboration between the quantum science communities across California and Bavaria.

18 June 2024

MCQST Colloquium: Elke Neu-Ruffing

MCQST Colloquium

MCQST Colloquium | Elke Neu-Ruffing (Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität)

28 June -

 30 June 2024

MCQST at Forscha 2024

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Meet us MCQST at the FORSCHA at Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum!

29 June -

 30 June 2024

MCQST at Museum Inselfest

Public Events | Events

Meet us at the Festival on the Museum Island on 29-30 June!

5 July 2024

Munich Quantum Alumni: Networking Meet-up

Munich Quantum Alumni | MCQST Community

For the current and ex-members of our quantum community: Join the second networking event of Munich Quantum Alumni!

9 July 2024

MCQST Colloquium: Roser Valentí

MCQST Colloquium

MCQST Colloquium | Roser Valentí (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)

26 August -

 29 August 2024

Collective Phenomena Workshop 2024


Collective Phenomena Workshop: From out-of-equilibrium many-body states to bosonic codes and dynamical gauge fields

16 September -

 17 September 2024

Quantum Talents Symposium Munich

Symposium for showcasing groundbreaking research and fostering scientific exchange..

30 September -

 4 October 2024

Waterloo-Munich Joint Workshop 2024

Collaborations | Events

Pioneering joint workshop between renowned research institutions in Munich and Waterloo.

7 October -

 8 October 2024

Science Slam Workshop


Science Slam workshop offered jointly by the four Munich Clusters of Excellence.

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