MCQST Midterm Report

Midterm Report

Four years of collaborative excellence in shaping the Munich quantum ecosystem

As we reflect on the first four years of our journey, we are thrilled to share the remarkable progress and accomplishments that have shaped our vibrant community. From the initial conceptualization on paper to the dynamic reality we now inhabit, the experience has been both challenging and exceptionally rewarding.

Uniting Munich's quantum scientists

Together, we have fostered an international hub for students and scientists, captivating the public with the wonders of quantum science. Through a diverse array of support measures and educational programs, we've created opportunities for researchers at all career levels. The Midterm Report provides a comprehensive overview, and some inside facts, of our activities, highlighting the impactful research conducted and the scientists driving innovation at MCQST. By organizing various events and fostering connections, we have become a catalyst for collaborative initiatives, shaping the future of quantum science.

And to our MCQST community: Thank you for your hard work and enthusiastic participation in our first four years of operation. You made all of this possible, and we are very grateful to have achieved this with all of you!

We hope you enjoy reading the MCQST Midterm Report!

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