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PhD Survival Tips: How to Navigate your PhD Journey

MCQST & IMPRS-QST alumni and experienced students offer tips on how to survive and thrive in your PhD journey!

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PhotonLab Wins Experiment of the Year

PhotonLab wins LeLa "Experiment of the Year" award for the experiment "Lecker im Licht".

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MCQST Colloquium: Eugene Polzik

MCQST Colloquium | Eugene Polzik (Niels Bohr Institute/University of Copenhagen)

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Academic Chats: PostDoc Networking

Academic Chats: Meetings for MCQST PostDocs to share science and network.

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Research News

Matchmaking atoms into a new molecular Fermi gas

Researchers create a degenerate Fermi gas of molecules by leveraging a quantum phase transition for the first time.

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Microwaves direct the interplay of waltzing molecules

The existence of so-called super molecules has long been predicted theoretically. Now, Max Planck researchers managed for the first time to create the conditions for proving these exotic entities.

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Quantum simulator enables first microscopic observation of charge carriers pairing

Researchers have monitored how, for the first time, holes (positive charge carriers) combined to form pairs in a solid-state model.

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The Magic Angle

LMU physicists have uncovered mysterious properties of twisted trilayer graphene.

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The Cluster of Excellence Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) comprises over 60 research groups from disciplines like physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, material science and chemistry, covering all areas of quantum science and technology from basic research to applications.

The core goal of MCQST is to discover and understand the novel and unifying concepts in the interdisciplinary research fields of Quantum Science and Technology (QST). The cluster aims to make QST tangible and to develop the extraordinary applications within reach by building next-generation quantum devices.


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