14 - 17 May 2024 | Sonthofen

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Aisha Aqeel is the “Female Physicist of the Week”

Aisha Aqeel, junior group leader at MCQST and TUM, is featured as “Female Physicist of the Week” by the German Physical Society (DPG).

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Academic Chats: PostDoc Networking

Academic Chats: Meetings for MCQST PostDocs to share science and network.

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Girls' Day: Forscherin für einen Tag: Eine unglaubliche Reise ins Quantenland!

Tauche mit uns ab in die winzige Welt der Quanten und lass dich überraschen!

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Quantum Talents Symposium Munich

Symposium for showcasing groundbreaking research and foster scientific exchange of young quantum researchers.

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Research News

Twisted Bilayer Graphene’s Gallery of Phases

The many phases of twisted bilayer graphene featured in an overview article in Physics Today.

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Unveiling Secrets of Electron-Phonon Interactions

A new study by an international team provides new insights into electron-phonon interactions occurring within bilayer graphene.

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Chemistry Takes an Ultracold Turn

Researchers create tetratomic supermolecules at a so far unprecedented low-temperature - a scientific breakthrough with implications for research into ultracold chemistry and quantum materials.

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Spin-Based Quantum Technology In a 2D Material

Researchers made a significant milestone by using spin defects as optically active quantum bits (qubits) in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), a well-known 2D material.

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Midterm Report

Four years of collaborative excellence in shaping the Munich quantum ecosystem

As we reflect on the first four years of our journey, we are thrilled to share the remarkable progress and accomplishments that have shaped our vibrant community. From the initial conceptualization on paper to the dynamic reality we now inhabit, the experience has been both challenging and exceptionally rewarding.


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