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Call for Applications: 2022 PhD Positions

Apply now for these PhD Programs in Quantum Science and Technology

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Apply Now: MCQST Postdoc Fellowships

START Fellowship & Distinguished Postdoc Fellowship

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MCQST Colloquium: Leon Balents

MCQST Colloquium | Leon Balents - Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara and member of the Kavili Institue for Theoretical Physics

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The Magic of Rotated Graphene Sheets

Dmitri Efetov was recently appointed Professor of Solid State Physics at LMU. Learn more about his work with 2D materials, and how it brought him to Munich.

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Research News

Successful Quantum Teleportation at Microwave Frequencies

A team headed by physicists from the Walther-Meißner-Institute has experimentally implemented quantum teleportation based on propagating microwave signals between distant locations, while preserving the fragile quantum nature of teleported states.

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New materials for quantum technologies

Solids with special symmetries for quantum and spintronics applications

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A Cold Pair of Mirrors Made Stable

A team of scientists from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and attocube systems AG have engineered a Fabry-Pérot cavity at cryogenic temperatures under closed-cycle cooling conditions. The results have been published in PRX Quantum.

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The Cluster of Excellence Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) comprises over 50 research groups from disciplines like physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, material science and chemistry, covering all areas of quantum science and technology from basic research to applications.

The core goal of MCQST is to discover and understand the novel and unifying concepts in the interdisciplinary research fields of Quantum Science and Technology (QST). The cluster aims to make QST tangible and to develop the extraordinary applications within reach by building next-generation quantum devices.


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