Podcast Episode: Exzellent Erklärt

15 December 2021

Podcast Episode: Exzellent Erklärt

„Quantenwissenschaft – Grundlage der Technologien von morgen“

Quantum physics pushes the limits of our imagination, but builds the foundation for revolutionary new technologies. Two researchers from MCQST, Harald Weinfurter and Kai Müller, discuss this in the latest episode of "#exzellenterklaert – Spitzenforschung für alle".

The German science podcast on current science topics reflects the research diversity of the Germany’s leading research institutions and Clusters of Excellence: from Antiquities to Quantum Physics. In each episode, listeners can expect insights into the interdisciplinary work of one research network. The researchers of the clusters of excellence, funded by the DFG, talk to podcaster Larissa Vassilian about how they want to find scientifically sound answers to relevant topics of our time – for the society of tomorrow.

The podcast is only available in German.

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