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Felicitas Mokler
Building the way to the quantum computer

Dr. Marissa Giustina, senior research scientist and quantum electronics engineer in the Google AI Quantum team, kicked-off the MCQST Women in Quantum Science and Technology (QST) series on 13.09.2019. Science journalist Felicitas Mokler attended the event and sat down and talked with Marissa about her work and het path towards research. We invite you to discover the entire interview.



Barbara Tautz
International Women's Day

Worldwide the 8th of March is recognized as International Women’s Day. The main reason and significance behind this celebration comes from a desire to encourage and grow civil awareness. We draw inspiration from this and we have asked ourselves: is it still necessary to celebrate women and attract attention to inequalities and injustices between men and women?



Frank Grotelüschen
John Preskill

In October 2019, John Preskill visited the QST community in Munich. On this occasion, MCQST awarded him as Distinguished Lecturer. The prize acknowledges Preskill’s scientific achievements in the field of quantum information theory as well as his engagement to communicate recent developments in quantum science and technology to a broader public. On this occasion, science journalist Frank Grotelüschen held an interview with John Preskill on behalf of MCQST.

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