A Quantum Summer in Munich

11 August 2023

Experiencing a Quantum Summer in Munich: 16 students representing 13 nationalities embarked on a one-month journey of quantum research and cultural exchange.

We are thrilled to welcome the 2023 cohort of Bachelor students participating in the MCQST Summer Bachelor Program in Munich. From almost 300 applications, 16 talented and highly-motivated students were selected to attend our annual summer program.

"Being part of the MCQST Summer Bachelor Program is an exciting opportunity to connect with like-minded enthusiasts and delve into one of the hottest spots in the world for quantum science and technology. The program's international and diverse environment provides the ideal setting to learn and excel in this thrilling field."

– Nadav Ben Ami, Tel Aviv University Israel, working in Michael Wolf’s group at TUM.

The program kicked-off with a memorable retreat in Bad Tölz, providing an excellent opportunity for participants to get to know their peers and lay the foundations for lasting friendships. The first day started with a mental-health hike, followed by a delightful evening of learning German songs around the campfire. The following day was dedicated to a workshop focused on scientific poster presentations. Skills acquired during the workshop will be put into practice at the program's concluding symposium when the students present their projects to the MCQST community. The second day ended with an immersive tour of a local brewery, providing students with further insights into Bavarian culture. The student’s motivation and interest in quantum science is as high as their expectations.

Students sitting in a seminar room listenin to the workshop trainer, who is standing in front and presenting. © C. Hohmann / MCQST

“I am excited to explore quantum science, collaborate with talented peers, and gain valuable insights from leading researchers during the MCQST Summer Bachelor Program. Additionally, I'm looking forward to a research experience, visiting quantum labs, and engaging in a diverse cultural exchange with participants from different countries, making this an enriching and transformative opportunity.”

– Naqeeb Ahmed, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University New Delhi, working in Christian Mendl’s group at TUM.

Upon returning to Munich, the group was immersed into MCQST's ecosystem, where they engaged in many enriching experiences. From visiting the quantum communication lab at LMU; delving into quantum sensing at Walter Schottky Institute; to gaining insights into quantum hardware at Walther Meißner Institute and attending a captivating lecture on quantum information theory at TUM. The first week's highlights included hands-on experiments in quantum sensing, quantum cryptography, Bell's inequality, and saturation spectroscopy. Alongside the scientific pursuits, the group participated in a conflict management workshop and a city tour.

Students gathered around a scientists, who is showing a small piece the researchers are currently working on. © C. Hohmann / MCQST

“I applied to the MCQST Summer Bachelor Program because I have a passion to understand the fundamentals of how the small world works. Being accepted to the program, I am looking forward to spending a month researching how we can utilize the fascinating quantum world in technology that drives humanity forward.”
– Dot Pio, Technical University of Denmark, working in Dominik Bucher’s lab at TUM.

The first week offered a comprehensive overview of Munich's academic quantum ecosystem, along with a taste of the local culture. As we move into the second week of the program, students are eagerly beginning their work in their groups, and we wish them a fruitful and inspiring journey ahead!

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