Organisational Structure

Organizational structure of MCQST

We aim to achieve a lean and effective management framework, while at the same time realizing transparent decision-making structures and the involvement of all MCQST members. Active engagement of all MCQST researchers is provided through the MCQST General Assembly. All decisions (seed funding, Junior Research START Fellowships, conference support, etc.) of MCQST are made by the Executive Committee (composed of researchers at all career levels), in trying to identify the best and most promising research and applications relevant to the field of QST. The Executive Committee will be assisted by an Advisory Board, and is supported by the MCQST Office in all administrative tasks.


MCQST Speakers

Immanuel Bloch

Quantum Many Body Systems

MCQST Speaker
Equal Opportunity Manager

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Ignacio Cirac

Quantum Theory

MCQST Speaker

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Rudolf Gross

Technical Physics

MCQST Speaker

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Executive Committee

RU-A: Quantum Information Theory Ignacio Cirac (MPQ &TUM)
Michael Wolf (TUM)
RU-B: Quantum Simulation Immanuel Bloch (LMU & MPQ)
Mari Carmen Bañuls (MPQ)
RU-C: Quantum Computing Rudolf Gross (TUM & WMI)
Steffen Glaser (TUM)
RU-D: Quantum Communication Harald Weinfurter (LMU)
Gerhard Rempe (MPQ)
RU-E: Quantum Metrology and Sensing Jonathan Finley (TUM)
Eva Weig (TUM)
RU-F: Quantum Matter Simone Warzel (TUM)
Christian Pfleiderer (TUM)
RU-G: Explorative Research Ulrich Schollwöck (LMU)
Monika Aidelsburger (LMU)
Equal Opportunity Mari Carmen Bañuls (LMU)
Simone Warzel (TUM)
Immanuel Bloch (LMU & MPQ)
Deutsches Museum Wolfgang Heckl  
PhD Representative Vjosa Blakaj (TUM)
Pooja Malik (LMU)
Postdoc Representative Pau Farrera (MPQ)
Viviana Villafañe (TUM)
Junior Group Representative Andreas Reiserer (MPQ & TUM)
Menno Poot (TUM)

Advisory Board

Quantum Information Theory Stephanie Wehner (TU Delft)  
Quantum Simulation Dan Stamper-Kurn (Berkeley)  
Quantum Computing Rainer Blatt (UIBK/IQOQI)  
Quantum Communication Pascale Senellart (LPN Paris)  
Quantum Sensing Markus Aspelmeyer (Univ. of Vienna)  
Quantum Matter Erez Berg (Univ. of Chicago)  
Explorative Research Frank Verstraete (Univ. of Vienna)  
attocube Khaled Karrai
Humboldt Foundation Andrea Binder  

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