Vibrating Nanostrings

21 November 2023

Eva Weig: Vibrating Nanostrings

Portrait of Prof. Weig smiling at the camera. © M. Jooss / TUM
Eva Weig 's work on developing new micrometer quantum systems has been featured in a new article in Research in Bavaria. The researcher and her team are builduing mechanical quantum sensors large enough to be seen under an electron microscope. One day, they could become fundamental components of a new quantum technology.

Eva Weig is Professor for Nano- and Quantum Sensors at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and MCQST co-coordinator of the RU-E: Quantum Sensing and Metrology.

"Vibrating Nanostrings "

Article by Dr. Vera Spaett, Dr. Brigitte Röthlein, published on in November 2023.

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