Profil photo of Phd student, Pooja Malik, standing in her laboratory.

PhD Representative

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Schellingstraße 4

Faculty oh Physics

80799 München


Research Webpage


Research Focus: Quantum Communication, Quantum Networks, Neutral-atom platform

Future quantum networks are platforms for distributed quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum sensing. They will comprise of multiple quantum nodes capable of storing and processing quantum information. Each quantum node in the network will be inter-connected by a quantum channel. The primary task for the implementation of a quantum network is the long-distance distribution of entanglement. My research focuses on exploring a neutral Rubidium atom-based quantum node for this purpose. We demonstrated entanglement between the spin state of two atoms separated by more than 30 km of coiled glass fiber [1] as well as entanglement of an atom with the polarization state of a photon over a 101 km optical fiber [2]. Currently, we are analyzing and evaluating our node, e.g., to realize a city-to-city scale quantum network links by incorporating another 87Rb atom node located at 14km line-of-sight.

[1] T. van Leent et al., Nature 607, 69 (2022);
[2] Y. Zhou et al., PRX Quantum 5, 020307, 2024


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