Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity

At MCQST we believe in the strength of an open atmosphere and equal opportunity. Following the DFG's research-backed standards on gender equality, we want to achieve a better working environment for everyone by implementing strong values, such as consistency, transparency, competitiveness, competence, and maintaining a forward-looking orientation.

The Equal Opportunity Program of the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology aims to open up academic life to a diverse group of people. Its goal is to unite individual life plans and a career in academia. This means that MCQST pursues equal opportunity in respect of gender, family, and diversity.

Any suggestions or inquiries are very welcome.

Establishing a culture of awareness

The Equal Opportunity Program also aims to establish a culture of awareness and speaking up in cases of discrimination. An integral part of the MCQST Equal Opportunity Program is raising awareness of unconscious bias and countering gender stereotypes in the field of quantum science and technology.
Creating an open and tolerant environment is the task and responsibility of every MCQST member and participant of MCQST events. We therefore regularly offer the following:

PIs for Diversity

Workshops, talks, and individual consulting on diversity issues for MCQST senior researchers and PIs.

Diversity in Leadership

Program for PhDs and PostDocs designed for future leaders in QST in the context of a diverse work environment.

MCQST Community Workshops

Unconscious bias and active bystander trainings open to the MCQST community.


Test your bias

If you are interested or doubtful about these concepts explore the online tests offered and organized by the Implicit Project, a cooperation of leading US Universities (Harvard University, University of Virginia and University of Washington):

If you cannot think of any scenarios where unconscious bias might influence academic life, check out the WorkLife Law’s Gender Bias Learning Project by UC Hastings College of Law:

The project also suggests strategies to deal with unconscious bias in the field of gender. The named websites are suggestions and do not claim to give a full picture of discrimination or unconscious bias.


If you face any form of discrimination because of your gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion, you can contact us. We can offer:

  • Individual trainings and coaching in areas such as mental health, dealing with boundary violations, or handling discriminating situations. These are mere examples as we will adapt the coaching to your specific situation and needs.
  • Group workshops on the topic of discrimination, its consequences and how to tackle them - no matter whether you are a victim or a bystander.

You can also contact the equal opportunity representative of your respective institution.

LMU München Frauenbeauftragte / LMU Diversity
TUM Gender Equality Officer
MPQ Equal Opportunities

Please contact us if you witness any form of discrimination in your group or working environment.


Supporting Diversity

In order to endorse diversity, we have a number of support programs addressing certain diversity issues specifically.

Focus on Gender Equality

We currently organize the following programs focused on promoting gender equality within the MCQST community:

Accessibility and barrier-free environment

Please let us know if you are facing any problems with accessibility or attendance of MCQST Events due to disability. We are grateful for any recommendations.

Family Life

MCQST strives to create a family friendly framework in order to enable academic careers. Be it your children or parents, we can support with:

  • Childcare scholarship
  • Financial support for home office equipment
  • Laboratory assistance during pregnancy
  • Childcare during MCQST events and KidsBox
  • Support for other people with care responsibilities

We also cooperate with the family services offered by LMU, MPQ, and TUM. They organise childcare solutions, like backup daycare and holiday programs for kids during the summer holidays. Every child and parent is different and we are happy to help you in finding the right solution for your family.

LMU Family Service
MPQ - Working & Living
TUM - Kids, Family and Elder Care Center

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Mental Health

Working in research can be compared to doing competitive sports. As with any muscle that is exercised a lot, working with the mind can exhaust and strain it. Like professional athletes, scientists in academia should give their mind the time and resources to stay fit and healthy. The opposite is often the case.

Like a professional athlete you need to take care of your body and mind. MCQST wants to support you in this endeavor. You can find some suggestions for first steps as well as workshops on the topic on our Mental Health page.

The Equal Opportunity Office

Equal Opportunity Managers

The Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) was established to centralize and organize diversity related activities. It is led by the Equal Opportunity Managers (EOM) Dr. Bañuls, Prof. Bloch, and Prof. Warzel. The presence of one of EOMs at the Executive Committee meetings is mandatory. Consequently, at least one Equal Opportunity Manager is involved in all decision-making processes, especially those regarding staff, recruiting, and allocation of resources as a member of the Executive Committee.

The Role of the Diversity Coordinator

The Diversity Coordinator’s position was created to help and support you in case of discrimination, in any way that you want and need. This means that you can also contact us, if need to talk to a person of trust in order to place situations and scenarios. Any form of contact will be handled confidentially and not passed on to third parties except if explicitly agreed on.

Please feel free to contact the MCQST Diversity Coordinator, Barbara Tautz, with any issues related to equal opportunity.

Mari Carmen Bañuls

Tensor Networks and Quantum Many-Body Systems

Equal Opportunity Manager
RU-B Co-coordinator

Group Webpage

Immanuel Bloch

Quantum Many Body Systems

MCQST Speaker
Equal Opportunity Manager
RU-B Co-coordinator

Group Webpage

Simone Warzel

Mathematical Physics

Equal Opportunity Manager
RU-F Co-coordinator

Research Webpage

Barbara Tautz

Guest Program & Diversity



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