START Fellow 2023

Technical University of Munich

Walter Schottky Institut

Am Coulombwall 4

85748 Garching

(+49) 089 289 12736


Research Webpage

I would like to contribute to the great challenge of building a future global quantum network, where quantum information is transmitted safely and efficiently over long distances.


Research focus: quantum communications, quantum optics

One of the principal goals of my Postdoctoral project in MCQST is the experimental realization of a novel all-optical quantum repeater using group IV colour centres in diamond. This platform is particularly promising since group IV vacancy centres such as silicon, germanium, tin and lead show excellent optical properties due to their crystallographic symmetry which favours emission into ZPL along with T2 spin coherence times exceeding ~10ms.


Viviana joined MCQST as a Distinguished Postdoc in 2020.

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