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11 December 2021

Quantum Science Slam

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Quantum physicists share their research with the public. POSTPONED: Due to the current pandemic situation, we have decided to postpone this event until early 2022.

18 November 2021

Photons: The Quantum Link

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Public talk by Distinguished Lecturer Prof. Pascale Senellart

1 July 2021

Quantum Leap – Transfer from Research to Industry

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What is the potential of quantum? Immanuel Bloch (MPQ&LMU), Stefan Filipp (Walther Meissner Institute) and Sebastian Luber (Infineon) will discuss on with Jeanne Rubner (BR) - on site and steamed live on

16 July -

 23 July 2021

Jubläumsevent - 10 Jahre Photonlab

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10 Jahre Schülerlabor „PhotonLab“! Das ist ein Grund zu feiern! Dafür haben wir zwei abwechslungsreiche Veranstaltungen auf die Beine gestellt.

12 May 2021

Munich Quantum Stammtisch

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Quantum Key Distribution: useful or just fun? - on this Munich Quantum Stammtisch edition we look at one of the first wide spread application of quantum science Technologies. Follow the discussion live on YouTube .

22 April 2021

Girls' Day: eine Reise durch die Quantenwelt

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Am Girl's Day, dem 22. April, nehmen wir dich mit auf eine Reise von den Grundlagen der Quantenphysik bis hin zu aktuellen Fragen aus der Forschung, an denen unsere Wissenschaftlerinnen derzeit arbeiten.

17 March 2021

Munich Quantum Stammtisch

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Is the moon there when nobody looks? - this question brings together our guests at the second Munich Quantum Stammtisch. Follow the discussion live on YouTube .

4 March 2021

Munich Quantum Valley Kick-Off

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Startschuss für die zweite Quantenrevolution in Bayern - das Munich Quantum Valley Auftaktveranstaltung. Live auf YouTube .

3 February 2021

Munich Quantum Stammtisch

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Quo vadis Quantum Computing? - the first Munich Quantum Stammtisch featuring experts in the field of quantum computing will premiere on February 3rd on our YouTube Channel .

16 May 2020

International Day of Light

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The 16th of May offers many reasons for celebration: 60 Year Laser Anniversary, International Day of Light, and the 25th Birthday of the Cirac-Zoller Gate.

28 January 2020

Women in QST: Francesca Ferlaino

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Join us for the Women in QST lunch with Prof. Francesca Ferlaino.

23 September -

 25 September 2019

Lüscher Lectures - Quantum Physics

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MCQST principal investigators (PIs) are guest lecturers at the Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management.

7 October 2019

Quantum Computing and the Entanglement Frontier

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Public talk by Prof. John Preskill.

3 September 2019

New wave manipulation using metamaterials frontiers

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Talk by Andrea Alù from the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center.

8 November 2019

Quantum, Bits and Co.

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The PhotonLab and MCQST invite local teachers to discover how they can foster students' passion for quantum science.

13 September 2019

Women in QST: Marissa Giustina

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Building Google’s Quantum Computer: Dr. Marissa Giustina from Google AI Quantum team.

8 July 2019

Quantum Science Slam

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MCQST cluster proudly presents its first Quantum Slam organized in collaboration with Microsoft Germany, as part of the Munich Conference on QST.

12 June 2019

Quantum Computers: from basic research to industrial maturity

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We are thrilled to invite you to join Dr. Hartmut Neven (Google Quantum AI), on a journey to explore the world of quantum computers.

4 May 2019

Open House Day at the Faculty of Physics

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Join MCQST in exploring the quantum world by visiting our stand on May 4th, as the Faculty of Physics opens its doors.

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