Family Life

Supporting Family Life

MCQST strives to create a family-friendly framework in order to enable academic careers. Whether you are taking care of your children or parents, we can support with:

  • Financial support for home office equipment
  • Laboratory assistance during pregnancy
  • KidsBox
  • Support for other people with care responsibilities

Every child and parent is different, so we are happy to help you find the right solution for your family.

We also cooperate with the family services offered by LMU, MPQ, and TUM. They organise childcare solutions, like backup daycare and holiday programs for kids during the summer holidays. Please refer to your institution's website for further information:

LMU Family Service
MPQ - Working & Living
TUM - Kids, Family and Elder Care Center

Home Office Equipment for Parents

MCQST can finance home office equipment for parents, if working from home improves their working conditions considerably.


Application letter

  • Describe your current situation (position, working hours, childcare) and why working from home will allow you to more effectively combine family life and your career in QST. How would it enhance your research and career? Please note that the Covid-19 pandemic is not a sufficient reason for this scholarship.
  • Describe which equipment you are using now and provide specific reasons why you need new equipment. How would your research benefit from the new equipment?

Other required documents:

  • Working contract
  • Signed statement that you are provided with a computer financed by your institution (financed by “Grundausstattungsmittel”)
  • List of required equipment, including prices
  • Copy of birth certificate of child/children
  • Written approval by the group leader
  • CV and list of publications

If the support is granted, please contact your respective institute’s IT group and inform them about your equipment requirements. They will order the equipment for you and MCQST will pay the bill.

Laboratory Assistance during pregnancy and early childcare

Excellent junior researchers can apply for support by the employment of laboratory assistance during pregnancy and/ or upbringing of their children until the age of 6. If granted, MCQST will cover up to € 400 per month.

Please contact support[at] for information on how to apply.

Childcare during events or business trips

Childcare during events

MCQST can provide financial support for childcare during MCQST events, conferences, and other research related business trips. Please contact the Diversity Coordinator in advance of the respective event.


During MCQST live events that take place in the Schellingstr. 4 (LMU Physics), parents are welcome to use the MCQST KidsBox. This mobile children’s room includes a bed, everything neccesary for changing dipers, and is equipped with many books (including classics such as Quantum Entanglement for Babys), toys, and many other adventures.

Support for other people with caring responsibilities

MCQST also supports other people with caring responsibilities. Please contact the Diversity Coordinator for more information on how we can support you.

Contact & Applications

All required documents for applications should be sent to Ian Stewart at support[at]

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out! We want to help support your career and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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