MCQST Diversity Program for PIs

Fostering a culture of awareness

In order to introduce a change from top down, MCQST offers training, workshops, and talks tailored to the specific demands of PIs, group leaders and senior researchers. We are planning events similar to the formats presented below, but welcome any alternative that you think fits better to your group and research.

On 28 May 2020, 17 MCQST PIs took part in the online workshop " Attentions, doubts and open questions: unconscious-bias and gender issues" with Dr. Meike Lauggas. Dr. Lauggas gave a short introduction to masculinity studies and the General Equal Treatment Act. Furthermore, the talk addressed gender issues in academia and offered the opportunity to ask questions.

The event was the kick-off to MCQST’s commitment to tackle discrimination and endorse equal opportunity on all levels.

Workshops together with your group

Investigate the effect of unconscious bias with your group in team building workshops. These can be integrated in group retreats or your daily routine in the form of a lunch talk. It is also possible for smaller research groups to participate in workshops together. Group trainings can be designed for the range of 10-40 people.

Individual trainings

This can be on, e.g., how to form and endorse high performing teams, leadership and management skills, or people management in general.

Workshops and trainings specifically designed for PIs and group leaders

Take part in a lunch talk or workshops with a focus on management and leadership questions in the context of unconscious bias. In collaboration with selected specialists we set up talks, coaching and trainings in the field of management processes, leadership approaches and people management.

No matter which format you prefer, we can support you in finding specialists for training and coaching in the fields of unconscious bias, gender, conflict management, active bystander training or any other field you are interested in. The diversity coordinator is happy to arrange an event that fits your schedule. You can reach us at support[at]

Program workshops

Professional Selection and Recruitment in Academia

PIs for Diversity: Professional Selection and Recruitment in Academia

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Leading in Academia. A Primer on Being an Effective PhD Supervisor

Digital workshop with Dr. Martin P. Fladerer from the Center for Leadership and People Management, part of the MCQST PIs for Diversity Program.

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Attentions, doubts and open questions: unconscious-bias and gender issues

Workshop focused on diversity and anti-discrimination best practices.

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