Quantum Talents Symposium Munich

16 September 2024 - 17 September 2024

Symposium for showcasing groundbreaking research and fostering scientific exchange.

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May Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Hans-Kopfermann-Straße 1



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Join us at the Quantum Talents Symposium in Munich!

The Symposium is designed to bring together outstanding PhD students and early-career Postdocs from all over the world to present their groundbreaking research work in the field of quantum science and technology.

Mission: Provide a platform for emerging young researchers, facilitate knowledge sharing, inspire collaboration, and promote career opportunities in quantum science, with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Special attention will be given to increasing diversity in the field of quantum science, fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment that values the contributions of individuals from all backgrounds.

Check out the schedule and symposium finalists here:


The symposium is organised in collaboration with several organizations of the Munich quantum ecosystem:

  • Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST)
  • The International Max Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology (IMPRS-QST)
  • Munich Quantum Valley (MQV)
  • The Women in Quantum Optics Postdoctoral Program (WiQO) of the Max Plank Institute of Quantum Optics


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