Attentions, doubts and open questions: unconscious-bias and gender issues

28 May 2020
from 15:00

Workshop focused on diversity and anti-discrimination best practices.

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MCQST Diversity Trainings for MCQST PIs and Group Leaders

In this workshop, Dr. Meike Lauggas will address the question: “What is the problem of gender inequality?” and give some suggestions based on studies and statistics including the latest findings of men studies. Furthermore, Dr. Lauggas will give a short introduction to the German General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz).

The focus will lie on the legal liability of professors in cases of discrimination in German higher education. There will be a Q&A on the topic of gender in general to address any queries or doubts you might have.


15:00 - Input | 30 Min.

1. Main conceptual and explanatory frameworks to respond to the fundamental questions:

  • What is the problem of gender inequality?
  • How could the problem of gender inequality be solved?

2. Men Studies

3. Act Implementing European Directives Putting Into Effect the Principle of Equal Treatment (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – AGG)

15:30 - Q&A regarding the input | 15 Min.)

Open questions, curiosities, critics, doubts regarding gender issues

15:45 - Break | 15 Min.

16:00 - Reactions and answers to the questions and criticisms raised


About the trainer

Meike Lauggas, trainer, consultant, university lecturer, has a doctorate in the history of science and completed a university course in consulting sciences (focus: coaching, supervision, organisational development). She's specialized in the university sector and offers training in communication and conflict management, gender and diversity competence and negotiation techniques.
At several universities in Germany and Austria she is in charge of coaching programmes for academics:

Please note that this event is specifically designed for senior researchers with leadership responsibilities.

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