6 December 2022

Carolina Burger

Carolina Burger - TUM

1. Briefly describe your current position/project, research focus, and your role within MCQST.

I am a PhD student at the chair for topology of correlated systems at TUM. Currently, I am performing studies on the low-temperature bulk and transport properties of correlated metals. Specifically, I am interested in the origin of high-mobility surface conduction channels in small-bandgap semiconductors, their possible topological character and possible use for quantum technologies.

Carolina Burger standing in her lab in front of measuring devices. Ⓒ Carolina Burger

2. You were selected by the DPG as "Female Physicist of the Week." Could you explain what that experience was like?

I was delighted, as this selection provided me with the opportunity to present myself and my work already at this early stage of my scientific career. I hope programs such as "Female Physicist of the Week" help to showcase role models for young girls and foster their interest in STEM subjects.

3. What current projects are you most excited about?

One central part of my thesis is the commissioning of a state-of-the-art cryogen-free measurement system. Since I am close to finishing this task, I'm looking forward to start with first experiments using this setup.

Concerning Christmas, I am excited to bake cookies and gift them to friends and family.

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