7 December 2021

Dmitri Efetov

Prof. Dr. Dmitri Efetov - LMU Munich

1. Briefly describe your current position, research focus, and your role within MCQST.

Full Professor (W3) and Chair, Experimental Solid State Physics, LMU Munich
My group engineers exotic quantum effects in the emerging class of 2D van der Waals and moiré​ materials, and employs these for ground-breaking quantum sensing applications. We explore correlated,​ superconducting, magnetic and topological systems with a combination of transport, microwave and​ optical measurements at mK temperatures, high magnetic fields (>35T) and on ultra-fast time-scales (fs)​ to study these materials.


2. Could you please describe your experience as a new MCQST member?​

I have just started at MCQST a few months ago, but I already feel very welcome in this highly multidisciplinary research cluster. In particular the broad scope and strong involvement of fundamental research directions are highly intriguing

I already feel very welcome in this highly multidisciplinary research cluster

3. Why did you choose your field of research/what keeps you motivated?​

I was always intrigued by the complex interplay of electrons and atoms in solid state physics, which seems to give endless possibilities of their arrangement and their ordering into exotic quantum phases. It seems that big, unexpected discoveries are made every year, and our understanding of these is still very limited.​

4. What are you looking forward to over the holidays?

We are expecting our first baby - so I am looking forward to spend some time with our entire family.​

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