2 December 2021

Alex Holleitner

Prof. Dr. Alex Holleitner - TU Munich, WSI

1. Briefly describe your current position, research focus, and your role within MCQST.

I am a Professor at the Physics-department and the Walter Schottky Institut at TUM. Within MCQST, we generate positioned quantum emitters in 2D materials for several applications, but basically to emit one photon after another. Moreover, we are intrigued by topological aspects of electronics and optoelectronics in atomically thin crystals with broken spatial symmetries.

2. Could you please describe your role as coordinator for QST Master & QL3?

I coordinate all questions regarding lectures, modules, internships of the students at a company, but also exchange programs with foreign universities. The latter two activities are funded by MCQST and within the so-called Munich Quantum Valley (with close industrial contacts). Complementary, the federal project Quantum LifeLong Learning (QL3) aims to educate experts from industry in quantum technologies. During all these coordination activities, it is always a joy to work together with my colleague Jan von Delft from LMU.​

3. Do you have any special/unique holiday traditions?​

For me, holidays mean that my family and I spent most of the time outside in nature. During summer, we typically spend our time at the seaside and yes, we love to tour with a camping bus, while during winter, we are typically in the mountains searching for as much snow as possible.​

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