18 December 2021

Eva Weig

Prof. Dr. Eva Weig - TU Munich

1. Briefly describe your current position, research focus, and your role within MCQST.

I'm a professor at the at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at TUM and hold a co-affiliation at the Department of Physics. Our research at the Chair of Nano & Quantum Sensors focuses on nanomechanical systems as well as cavity electro- and optomechanics. At MCQST, I am a Principal Investigator and act as the co-coordinator of Reserach Unit E.​

2. Could you please tell us more about both quantum sensors and your experience in joining MCQST?

Quantum sensors exploit quantum phenomena to enable going beyond the state of the art in precision sensing. In our case, the underlying devices are based on nanomechanical systems such that there is always some nanoscale vibration involved. I joined MCQST during the pandemic, so I'm really looking forward to eventually meeting everyone in person.​

3. What was the biggest professional challenge you overcame or faced recently?

Only days ago, we moved our labs from our previous affiliation, the University of Konstanz, to Garching, and were finally able to reunite the research group after being split between both sites for more than one year​.

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