13 December 2021

Andrea Lenz

Dr. Andrea Lenz​ - MQV

1. Briefly describe your current position, research focus, and your role within MCQST.

As a coordinator for the Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) I am learning from the MCQST team and working in close connection with them. They are supporting the MQV initiative: for example they launched the MQV website and organized the kick-off meeting in March 2021. Many thanks for all your support and help!


2. Could you please describe more your role as MQV coordinator?

My daily business in the role as MQV coordinator is very diverse. I collect and prepare information for different kind of groups and communicate by mail, phone and zoom. For example, I presented on the goals of the MQV initiative. I was involved in the preparation and submission of the Bavarian and the Federal (BMBF) proposals. I support the scientific leaders of the initiative by doing administrative communication with the funders. Right now I am helping to set up the MQV office and the future MQV team.​

3. Do you have any special/unique holiday traditions?​

The special holiday tradition I have with my husband is that we don't give each other Christmas gifts. We don't have any stress by thinking about the perfect, not expensive, but original gift. This is soooo relaxing and the best gift we can give each other! Maybe you give this tradition a try and don't hunt for gifts, but simply enjoy the pre-Christmas season and the holidays together.​

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