10 December 2021

Mari Carmen Bañuls

Dr. Mari Carmen Bañuls - MPQ

1. Briefly describe your current position, research focus, and your role within MCQST.

I am a researcher (group leader) at the theory division of the MPQ. I work on the numerical simulation of quantum many body systems with tensor network methods. I am also co-coordinator of the RU-B and one of the Equal Opportunity Managers.

Mari Carmen Banuls Ⓒ J. Greune (MPQ)

2. Could you please describe further your role as RU-B Co-Coordinator?​

I participate in the coordination of MCQST activities related to the topic of Quantum Simulations, such as selecting speakers for our conferences, or presenting our research activities (for instance to our summer students).
As a RU co-coordinator, I also participate in the executive committee.

3. Why did you choose your field of research/what keeps you motivated?

I find that the numerical simulation of quantum many-body systems is a special window onto some very fascinating physics.
Modelling and numerically simulating these difficult problems gives me a way to "experiment" with the concepts and to better understand them. And at the same time we are working on useful tools that can help us develop the quantum technologies of the future.

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