Quantum Science in 360°

Science in 360°

Visit our laboratories in a unique way - researchers within MCQST open up their labs for the scientific community. You can follow the set-up of the experiments in a 360° view, which makes for a much more immersive lab visit, albeit a virtual one.

In 2021, the group of Prof. Monika Aidelsburger at LMU München began the assembly of a vacuum chamber for their quantum simulation lab. Although the set-up is not yet finished, you can get a glimpse into the work done so far. Enjoy the building of the lab time-lapse.

PhD Students Katja Barthelmi, Alexander Hötger, and Katharina Nisi from the group of Prof. Alexander Holleitner (TU Munich) take you on a tour of their labs and explain how they create MoS2-Monolayers and bombard those by using a Helium-Ion microscope in order to produce single-atom defects in the structure.

Derya Taray, PhD Student in the group of Nobel Prize winner Theodor Hänsch, takes you on a tour through the high precision spectroscopy lab at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching.

Dominik Niemietz takes you on a tour of the optical fiber cavities lab of the group of Prof. Gerhard Rempe at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Munich. The lab tour was originally recorded for the QIP 2021 conference.

Dr. Frank Deppe takes us on a tour of the quantum LAN cable experiment in the basement of the Walther-Meißner-Institute in Munich. He explains how samples are being cooled down to 50°Millikelvin in a cryostat and how photons are being teleported from Alice to Bob.

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