4 December 2021

Joris Thiel

Joris Thiel - TUM, MCQST Office

1. Briefly describe your current position, research focus, and your role within MCQST.

Besides studying mathematics and physics at the technical university, I​ am a working student at the MCQST office and help wherever it is​ needed. During the last year, my main responsibility was the technical​ realization of virtual conferences, workshops, and other events.​


2.What do you like about working for MCQST?​​

As a working student at MCQST, I can freely divide my time - in the end​ tasks have to be done, but the way to get there is flexible. By​ organizing and helping with virtual events, I can contribute my part to​ the scientific exchange even in the difficult times of the pandemic and​ I really enjoy to see the discussions at such events.​
And important in every job are also the people around you. My fellow​ MCQST office members have always been very open and supportive. It is a​ pleasure to work with you!​

3. Do you have any special/unique holiday traditions?

As a child the most important part about the holidays was probably the​ presents. A couple of years ago, we as a family decided to stop gifting​ and started a somewhat unique tradition instead: We are now having a​ four course dinner on Christmas day- each member of the​ family is preparing one course.​
This year, I am responsible for the soup and already testing and​ perfecting recipes. What kind of soup, you ask? I will keep it a secret​ to not spoil the surprise for my parents...​

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