START Fellow 2021

Technical University of Munich

TUM School of Natural Sciences

James-Franck-Str. 1

85748 Garching

Tel. +49 89 289 12660


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Research is a systematic way to convert your imagination into concepts with images of structures, setups, and processes.


Information exchange with high cooperativity achieved by strong magnon-photon coupling is essential for quantum information applications. This strong coupling can be achieved by inserting a magnet with ultra-low damping into a high quality microwave cavity. However, the choice of available magnetic materials for this purpose is very limited and investigation of new quantum materials is strongly limited by inability to grow sufficiently large, high-purity and single-phase crystals.

The current project aims to investigate and design new insulating magnets suitable for quantum hybrid systems. The major task is to establish appropriate methods to grow these materials with desired purity and optimized magnetic damping.

Research focus: My main research focus lies within the chiral magnetic insulators such as Cu2OSeO3. It has very low magnetic damping and offer a strong coupling to microwave photons along with a very rich magnetic phase diagram. It hosts several magnetic textures including spin helices and skyrmions, which are nanometer sized twists in magnetization. I search for new ways to grow these systems in a controlled fashion and magnetically characterize them.


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