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MCQST Student Retreats

MCQST wants to encourage innovative ideas and cooperation early on in academic careers. To reach this goal, we fund students retreats or conferences organized by PhD students in the MCQST community. The format and topic for these retreats lies in your hands: would you and your colleagues like to take some time to explore a specific topic? How about inviting a lecturer to dive deeper into the theory behind your experiment or learn more about a specific technique? Or work out a new, innovative idea together with other PhD students and postdocs from a different group?

The retreat could be a one-day seminar in Munich or a workshop of up to five-days in the Bavarian Alps. You can cooperate internationally or within your institution, in smaller or in bigger groups. In general, the event should be open to all interested MCQST students.

Sounds exciting? Apply for funding for MCQST Student Retreats.

How to Apply

What to submit?

  • Abstract, including relation to MCQST and importance of the workshop for your research.
  • Project plan: agenda, invited guests, number of participants, location, time, and duration.
  • Budget plan

Send all documents in one pdf-file to support[at]

Good to know

  • Please note that the max. funding is €5.000. There is the possibility to look for further funding.
  • Applications can be handed in any time of the year but need to be approved by the Executive Committee (EC), which meets every two to three months.
  • Eligible for application are all PhD students from MCQST research groups.

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