Stefan Philipp

Quantum Computing

Walther Meißner Institute, Technical University of Munich

Walther-Meißner-Straße 8

85748 Garching

+49 89 289 14201


Research Webpage

Building a quantum computer is not only a great scientific and technological challenge, it may ultimately provide us with completely new insights into the way nature works and allow us to tackle problems that cannot be solved otherwise.


Research focus: quantum computing and quantum information processing, superconducting quantum circuits, quantum technology

Our research is centered around engineered coherent quantum systems and how to make devices based on superconducting quantum circuits useful for scientific and commercial applications. Specifically we investigate schemes to improve qubit control, the experimental realization of scalable multi-qubit architectures using parametrically driven coupling mechanisms, causes of qubit decoherence via their interactions with the environment, and the efficient generation of highly-entangled quantum states in quantum-classical hybrid architectures. Understanding the physics of superconducting quantum circuits at the microscopic and macroscopic level will allow us to explore fundamental questions of complex quantum dynamics, and to enhance their capability for quantum information processing by tackling the challenges towards scalable computing platforms.


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