MCQST Distinguished PostDoc 2020

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Theresienstrasse 37

80333 Munich

Research Website

The fact that entities in a quantum world behave so differently than how we perceive our ordinary surroundings, is overwhelming. The possibility to utilize these quantum effects for much-improved technological and communicational scenarios, along with profound applications in many other fields, is inspiring.


Research focus: theoretical quantum information

My research belongs to the category of theoretical quantum information. I am investigating various aspects related to the correlation and entanglement in system of indistinguishable particles, particularly in fermionic systems.

The quantification of correlation and entanglement between different modes/orbitals in a fermionic system changes in presence of superselection rules. My focus is to analytically obtain the ground state of 1D interacting fermionic models, study the superselected correlation/entanglement in that state, and understand the implications it has about various ground state phenomena. Besides this, I am also working on developing the idea of superselected entanglement/correlation in molecular systems, and investigating its effects on the properties of a quantum chemical system.


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