Quantum Simulation, Quantum Many Body Systems

Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics

Hans-Kopferman-Str. 1

Room C2.27

85748 Garching

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We are experiencing an exciting moment in quantum science where deep theoretical concepts, cutting-edge technology, and cross-discipline teamwork are all coming together to enable experiments and devices that were inconcievable just a few years ago.“


Main research focus: Quantum Simulation, Quantum Many Body Systems

Our group Atomic Quantum Matter pursues the experimental application of quantum information concepts to ultracold atomic systems. We use the tools of quantum gas microscopy, including optical tweezers, lattices, and single-particle resolved imaging, to realize many-body systems with single-particle control. Our focus is to develop new, faster ways of initializing optical lattice systems by assembling them from individual atoms. Such experiments will provide the experimental testbed for new ideas emerging at the interface between condensed matter physics and quantum information science.

sortedlattices © Philipp Preiss

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