Applied Quantum Theory

Walther Meißner Institute, Technical University of Munich

Walther-Meißner-Straße 8

85748 Garching

Tel.: +49-89-289-14205

Email: peter.rabl[at]wmi.badw.de

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Research focus: open quantum systems, cavity and waveguide QED, superconducting circuits, optomechanics, spin qubits

Research in our group focuses on the theoretical analysis of quantum engineering and quantum control schemes in AMO, solid-state and hybrid quantum systems. This includes, in particular, quantized superconducting circuits, nano- and optomechanical systems, as well as solid-state spin qubits and defect centers. A main motivation for this work is to identify suitable physical systems and processes for the realization of practical quantum information processing and quantum simulation applications. Other parts of our research are purely curiosity driven and address novel few and many-body effects that arise in such artificial quantum systems under ultrastrong coupling conditions, the presence of long-ranged coherent and dissipative interactions, or otherwise unconventional conditions. Some of our current research directions include :

  • Quantum networks with photons and phonons.
  • Waveguide QED and light-matter-interactions in low dimensions.
  • Cavity QED and circuit QED systems in the ultrastrong coupling regimes.
  • Nonequilibrium phase transitions and transport in quantum optical systems.

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