START Fellow

Technical University of Munich

Walter Schottky Institut

Am Coulombwall 4

Room S314

85748 Garching

+49 89 289 12778


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Collaboration is essential in the field of 2D materials due to its rapid proliferation and interdisciplinary nature. Working with other scientists with very different viewpoints and backgrounds constantly challenges your own understanding of your research and fosters creative thinking—this is incredibly exciting to me.


My research is primarily concerned with the many-body physics of excitons in 2D semiconductors, both as dense quantum gases and as a synthetic lattice of quantum particles. In particular, in the presence of broken time reversal symmetry, exciton ensembles in either scenario are expected to host exotic correlated behaviours.

Research focus
The unique van der Waals construction of 2D heterostructures and the vast library of intercompatible 2D materials has enabled new classes of nanoscale devices with emergent quantum behaviours. Under the START fellowship, I will develop novel, non-destructive lithographic device architectures to confine and manipulate 2D excitons through proximity effects, with the ultimate goal of creating a versatile platform for studying Hubbard model physics in synthetic superlattices of excitons.

Featured on the Research in Bavaria website - Supporting Iindependence in quantum research


Excitons and emergent quantum phenomena in stacked 2D semiconductors

N.P. Wilson, W. Yao, J. Shan, X. Xu


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