Johannes Knolle

Theory of Quantum Matter and Nanophysics

Technical University Munich

Department of Physics

James-Franck-Straße 1

85748 Garching

Tel. +49 89 289 12402


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It is fascinating to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles driving quantum phases of matter, which has also practical relevance for future quantum technology.


Research focus: theory of quantum matter, condensed matter systems

Our research has been centred around one of the great topics of modern physics — the search for unconventional quantum phases in correlated materials, e.g. Quantum Spin Liquids, Unconventional Superconductors or Topological Kondo Insulators. The underlying theme of our work is to bridge the gap between novel theories and actual experiments. Advances in the theory of topological phases of matter happen in parallel to developments in materials science. Our group combines both lines of research which is crucial for new discoveries. Our aim is to transfer abstract mathematics to experimentally relevant situations.

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