START Fellow 2024

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Faculty of Physics

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

80539 Munich

+49 (0)89 2180 3721


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It is really exciting to create new nanophotonic devices and to then study how they behave under extreme conditions, such as high-density optical excitation, at low temperature, and/or under high magnetic field.


Research focus: Moiré physics, two-dimensional semiconductors.

The focus of my research within the START Fellowship will be on two-dimensional magnetic semiconductor CrSBr, a new and exciting material in which the excitons are correlated with the magnetic order. I want to study moiré effects, i.e. moiré excitons, moiré magnetism, and electronic correlations in twisted heterostructures. I also want to explore these effects in optical microcavities under strong light-matter coupling.

As a Distinguished Postdoc Fellow, I studied polariton metasurfaces of plasmonic lattices coupled to monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides. I also investigated atomic reconstruction in MoSe2-WSe2 heterobilayers synthesized by chemical vapor deposition.


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