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Topological Electronics and Materials

Technical University of Munich

Walter Schottky Institute

Am Coulombwall 4a

85748 Garching

Tel. 089 289 11455

Research website


Research focus: Topological Materials, Nanostructured Quantum Matter, Quantum Optoelectronics

Topological phases of matter are of interest for quantum electronic circuits, because they are predicted to form a potential realization of fault-tolerant quantum computing schemes.

Our group is interested in two-dimensional van der Waals materials and their heterostructures as model systems to create topological properties by design. To this end, we make use of strong magnetic and spin-orbit proximity effects in atomically thin heterostructures to engineer band structures with novel properties.

We further apply top-down nanofabrication to imprint superlattices structures into topological materials, which are predicted to host emergent, artificial condensed matter phases with enhanced electronic correlations already at moderate temperatures. Our group utilizes light-matter coupling in such solid-state superlattices to interrogate the fundamental symmetries and non-equilibrium dynamics of the topological, correlated states by optoelectronic experiments.

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