Profil of Björn Sbierski.

START Fellow 2021

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Faculty of Physics, Chair of Theoretical Solid State Physics

Theresienstr. 37

80333 Munich


Research webpage

In science, I have a chance to explore and understand the ways in which nature works and which were previously hidden in the unknown. It is this pioneering spirit that drives me forward as a researcher.


My planned research for the START-fellowship combines two timely topics related to the MCQST research units B (Quantum Simulation) and F (Quantum Matter). In the first part, I propose a functional renormalization group approach for the challenging numerical treatment of Rydberg atom arrays. The second part is concerned with two open problems in the field of disordered nodal quantum matter.

Research focus

  • Systems: disordered systems, topological insulators and superconductors, semimetals and Dirac systems, frustrated quantum magnets and spin liquids, cold atom quantum simulators.
  • Phenomena: topological physics, quantum transport and Anderson localization, quantum critical behavior and universality.
  • Methods: scattering matrix formalism, diagrammatic and functional methods, RG approaches (Wilsonian and functional RG, epsilon expansions).

Group website: Theoretical Solid State Physics


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