MCQST Distinguished PostDoc 2021

Technical University of Munich

Walter Schottky Institute

Am Coulombwall 4

85748 Garching

+49 89 289 12778


Research Webpage

A research is a long and exciting journey from amusing observations to a solid scientific hypothesis and then new technologies that change the world. Integrated quantum photonics has lots of beautiful physics to uncover, but will also provide a platform for new compact devices, and I am thrilled to contribute there.


Research focus: quantum optics, integrated photonics

My research project in MCQST aims to develop a novel platform for brightening spin-forbidden dark exciton states in TMD monolayers based on ultra-low loss GaP dielectric antennas. Coupling dark states to nanoantennas will enhance their optical detection and, thus, provide new insights in exciton physics in TMDs. We will focus on cavity quantum electrodynamics of hybrid systems and address many-body interactions for excitons that are enabled by long life times associated with dark states.

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