Master's Program in Quantum Science & Technology

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Quantum Science & Technology is a broad, interdisciplinary field of contemporary science spanning a wide range of scientific areas with a high potential for the development of future information, sensing and computing technologies. Major research thrusts are, for example, Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Materials and Quantum Cryptography to name but a few. The research field is firmly grounded on the basic understanding of the principles of quantum mechanics, but also relies on developments in neighbouring research areas such as mathematics, information technology, electrical engineering and chemistry. It is for this reason that the two Munich Universities – Technical University Munich (TUM) and Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU) – have joined their forces to establish this interdisciplinary Master’s study program.

Students particularly benefit from the research environment provided by the Cluster of Excellence Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST).

Details on the TUM website
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For any questions you may have regarding the application process or the Master’s degree program itself, contact the Master in QST Program Coordinators, Dr. Katja Block and Dr. Marianne Köpf at studium[at]

Program Profile

Students learn to directly translate current results from research and development in Natural Sciences (e. g. Physics, Chemistry) and Mathematics and Engineering (e. g. informatics, electrical engineering) into applications which exploit quantum phenomena – especially superposition and entanglement, such as:

  • Quantum sensors
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Quantum computers

Specialization Areas

  • Experimental Quantum Science & Technology
  • Theoretical Quantum Science & Technology

Target group

Students who have completed their Bachelor degree in one of the following topics Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science with Quantum Mechanics. Basic knowledge in quantum mechanics is required.

Poster featuring female scientist working on a tabletop laser © Photo: Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics


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