Quantum Minutes

Science straight from the lab

MCQST researchers explain complex and fascinating quantum phenomena in short videos.They break down the foundations of quantum science from the basics of quantum theory over cutting-edge research to quantum technologies that may change our daily lives in the future.



Engaging young talents

Since 2011, the PhotonLab - built up by MPQ, LMU, and MCQST - is a focal point for everyone who wants to learn about light. Over 5000 visitors have already taken the opportunity to leanr and experiment with light. The lab is now also at the forefront of the digital world. The team led by Dr. Silke Stähler-Schöpf has now received an award from the German Association of School Labs LernortLabor (LeLa) in the Schülerlabor digital competition.

Science in 360°

Dive deeper into our research

Visit our laboratories in a unique way - researchers within MCQST open up their labs for the scientific community. You can follow the set-up of the experiments in a 360° view, which makes for a much more immersive lab visit, albeit a virtual one.

Open laptop with a zoom call on a wooded table with a full bier mug nearby and quantum physics books. © C. Hohmann (MCQST)

Munich Quantum Stammtisch

Informal expert discussions

The Munich Quantum Stammtisch is a series of live panel discussions where we set out to bring together experts in the field of quantum science. Just like at a traditional “Stammtisch”, our guests will cover the latest in quantum science and technology in an informal atmosphere.

Quantum Science Blog

Get a glimpse into the MCQST community

On the Quantum Science Blog we feature interviews with inspiring researchers from and outside the MCQST community, as well as other articles aiming to offer a glimpse into the daily life of a researcher in our field and help explain some challenging topics of research to the public.


Advent Calendar

Meet the people within MCQST

Count down the days to the start of the holiday season by opening each day a door to a new story. The virtual advent calendar introduces many talented and dedicated people within MCQST. We invite you to be inspired by their stories, irrespective of the season.


Quantic for beginners

QUANTA, a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), aims to communicate the benefits, an application-oriented impression, and the potential of quantum technology in business and society. Under the coordination of several partners, among which the PhotonLab, Deutsches Museum, MCQST, Fraunhofer ISI, interactive exhibition formats are being developed and tested for this purpose.


Public Events & Talks

Engaging the public

We regularly organize events dedicated to inspire the science enthusiast public. We strive to engage a broad local and international audience and to make quantum science accessible to everyone. Our members are always happy to share their enthusiasm for quantum, therefore you will find here a series of talks dedicated to the public.


Immerse yourself into the MCQST world

Browse through the growing collection of images from our scientific and public events, gain knowledge on Quantum Science and Technology research in our video gallery, and have a look at the covers and illustrations of science that were highlighted in world-renowned journals.


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