The Courageous Bystander: From Silence to Voice

23 February 2024
from 09:00 to 13:00

Workshop on the courageous bystander with Dr. Martin Winkler, Dipl.-Psych. Open to Diversity in Leadership cohort only.

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The courageous bystander: From silence to voice

Whether it's a foreigner being discriminated against, mobbed or ostracized, or a colleague in the team being annoyed, harassed or bullied – many people would like to intervene in such situations. Unfortunately, concrete action is often not taken.

In surveys, respondents usually state that they would like to act with more courage and that they have repeatedly found themselves in situations that would have required courageous intervention. However, people often even fail to stand up for their own opinion in a discussion if it does not correspond to the majority opinion.

There can be many different reasons for not intervening:

  • A lack of knowledge about what to do in critical situations
  • A lack of courage to speak out at the crucial moment
  • A lack of routine in dealing with such situations

In this workshop a combination of different methods is used to strengthen knowledge and skills about civil courage and to develop concrete strategies on how to intervene in critical situations without endangering oneself.

The workshop follows the motto: small steps instead of big heroic deeds!


  • Individual and group exercises
  • Self-reflection
  • Short theoretical impulses
  • Group discussion
  • Peer consulting

About Dr. Martin Winkler, Dipl.-Psych.

Martin did his Ph.D. in business psychology at the LMU Munich focusing on the effects of leadership on individual and team proactivity. He currently works as a systematic business coach and as a freelance team and organizational developer. He is lecturer at several universities specialized on the topics of leadership, work motivation, team development as well as change management, new work and organizational transformation.

Martin co-founded „Zivilcourage für Alle e.V.“ in 2010 in Munich. Overarching goal of „Zivilcourage für Alle e.V.“ is to provide a knowledge base and specific training courses intended to enable people to support others in emergency situations without endangering themselves.

For further information please contact:

Zivilcourage für ALLE e.V.,
Dr. Martin Winkler,, +49 172 9416426

This workshop is part of the Diversity in Leadership Program and open to 2024 Diversity in Leadership members only.

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