Science Beyond Gender: More Conscious Leadership

9 September 2022
from 15:00 to 17:00

Afternoon talk on understanding the experience of transgender, intersex, and nonbinary people working in science. Part of the Diversity in Leadership program and open only to the 2022 program cohort.

Diversity in Leadership

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Science Beyond Gender: More Conscious Leadership

Talk Abstract

At the end of the workshop, I would like the participants to have a better understanding of the experience of transgender, intersex and non-binary (TIN) people working in academia (physics/science), and as a result, strength their support and understand how they should act as leaders to make sure their groups are welcoming positive creative environments (free of fear /transphobia). I will highlight and share in the seminar/ workshop my direct experience with scientific international contexts (Germany and Israel), and views from the Global South.

About the Speaker

Trained in materials engineering (polymer), molecular bioengineering and clinical research. Worked with Atomic Force Microscopy, Fluorescent Microscopy and biophysics/biomaterials. Student researcher at the Weizmann Institute in Israel (2007-2010). She/They obtained a PhD Cum Laude in Natural Sciences from Uni Heidelberg. Practice involves art, open science and lectures to address issues on transgender rights, education and healthcare within the UN framework for Sustainable Develpment Goals. Born and raised in Venezuela. Preferred pronoun she/they. Speaker experience at OpenCon17, OpenCon18, UNESCO Tech4Dev, MaxPlanck Alumni Symposia, IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association), IGF19, IGF20 (moderator) Internet Governance Forum United Nations. Kamalanetra is also a digital artist supporting the actions of the Transgender Museum of History and Art of Brazil (MUTHA). The Transgender Museum of History and Art of Brazil (MUTHA) is the only transgender museum in Brazil and one of the few in the world. MUTHA's mission is to write History and spread the Art of body and gender variant people, which were erased by the Brazilian colonial past and do not yet present another place of social and cultural reinscription.

This workshop is part of the Diversity in Leadership program and is only open to the 2022 cohort.

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