Recognizing mental health issues

30 July 2021
from 13:30 to 15:00

Lunch talk on how to recognize mental health issues at the workplace. Part of the Diversity in Leadership program and open to the MCQST community.

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How to recognize mental health issues and how to deal with employees who have mental health problems

What is covered during the talk

  • Why is this topic important?
  • What is mental health, what are mental diseases?
  • What are risk factors for negative stress and mental disorders at the workplace?
  • How can leaders recognize overloaded employees, or employees who are at risk of mental health problems?
  • How can leaders address those changes to the employees?
  • What help can they offer?
  • Where lie the responsibilities but also limits of opportunities to influence employees regarding mental health and mental diseases?
  • What leadership style fosters the mental health of employees?

From this workshop, you will get insights, know-how and techniques that you can use in your daily practice, but there is also time for exchange and self-reflection.

About the speaker

Dr. med. Tatjana Reichhart is a physician specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy. She used to work as a scientific and clinical physician at the TU Munich. In 2015 she co-founded “Kitchen2Soul”, the first Coaching and Workshop coffee shop / bookstore in Munich. Her focus nowadays is on prevention. She helps individuals and employees in companies to take care of themselves prior to developing mental illnesses. She trains coaches and leaders in resilience. In 2019 her book “Das Prinzip Selbstfürsorge“ (selfcare) has been published by Kösel Verlag.

This workshop is part of the Diversity in Leadership program and open to the MCQST community.
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