Physics from a Gender and Diversity Studies Perspective

29 June 2020
from 13:15 to 14:45

Part of the MCQST Diversity in Leadership Program, this workshop focuses on how our concepts of gender and diversity influence our research.

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Looking at Physics from a Gender and Diversity Studies Perspective

To what extent do theories in physics reflect gender biases in society? How can gender and diversity studies contribute to research in physics? These are questions Prof. Helene Götschel will address in this workshop.

In this online workshop Prof. Helene Götschel will give the participants of the Diversity in Leadership Program an introduction to how to look at physics from a gender and diversity studies perspective. How do our concepts of gender influcence our research in physics? Do theories in physics reflect our gender biases? How does one do research and teach physics and at the same time take gender and diversity into account?

Prof. Dr. Helene Götschel studied physics, the history of science, didactics, and gender studies in Hamburg and Tübingen. She did her PhD in the field of social and economical history. Her research focus lies - among other things - on gender studies, queer theory, transgender studies and postcolonial studies in STEM as well as teaching methods with gender and diveristy awareness in STEM, particularly physics. She holds a guest professorship at the TU Darmstadt (find out more here).

The workshop is part of the MCQST Diversity in Leadership Program. The workshop is open only to program participants.

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