Become an Ally for Minorities in Science

26 January 2024
from 09:00 to 13:00

Workshop on how to promote inclusivity and support gender, sexual, and cultural minorities in the research community with Dr. Emma Geoffray. Open to Diversity in Leadership cohort only.

Diversity in Leadership

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Physics Building / H522

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Become an Ally for Minorities in Science

With this workshop, you will learn how to promote inclusivity and support gender, sexual, and cultural minorities in the research community. Through interactive discussions and practical strategies, you will cultivate allyship and create positive change in your academic community.

Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by underrepresented minorities in scientific fields. Develop skills to become an effective ally and advocate for inclusivity and equity. Learn strategies to foster diversity, manage unconscious bias, and create welcoming spaces for all. Address sensitive topics in a constructive dialogue to promote understanding.

In particular, we will cover:

• Who is a minority in science
• The research behind unconscious bias and intersectionality,
• How to create a personal allyship action plan,
• Basics of active listening,
• What stereotype threat is and how it can affect academic performance,
• Noticing and combating microaggressions,
• Shift perspective with empathy maps.

Participants get to dive deep through scenario analyses and group discussions. By actively engaging in this workshop, you will connect with peers, share experiences, and commit to becoming an ally in your research community. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to scientific advancements.


Dr. Emma Geoffray, founder of Grow into your PhD.
I have experience in international research (particularly in Switzerland and Germany) in the field of theoretical particle physics. Following my graduation in early 2023, I have conducted successful training programs on the topics of mental health, planning and presentations for researchers. Known for my engaging teaching style and my ability to create an inclusive learning environment, I am dedicated to supporting the academic growth of junior scientists. My goal is to weave together my research background, with my writing skills and years of acting, to deliver high-impact and entertaining workshops.
You can contact me with any questions at:

This workshop is part of the Diversity in Leadership Program and open to 2024 Diversity in Leadership members only.

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