Active Bystander Training Workshop

8 March 2023
from 09:00 to 13:00

This workshop is part of the MCQST Diversity in Leadership Program and open only to its 2020 & 2021 cohorts.

Diversity in Leadership Workshops

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Active Bystander Training

Have you ever witness a situation where somebody made a discriminating comment towards a colleague and yet you and the people around you did not intervene? Then you have become a bystander.

The bystander effect is a psychological phenomenon that happens in situations of ambiguity, group cohesiveness, and diffusion of responsibility. Everyone is a bystander at some point of time. But one can learn to step out of these situations. In Active Bystander Trainings you practice different methods to take action in discriminating situations.

In order to empower the MCQST community to challenge discrimination or unacceptable behaviour we invite you to join an Active Bystander Training session.

We have invited Scott Solder, an advanced communications skills expert to facilitate the session. For more information on the training please see the link:

This workshop is part of the Diversity in Leadership Program but is open to all member of the MCQST community. If you would like to participate, please register below

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